Schoonenberg HoorSupport is one of the oldest hearing-aid device companies in operation; however, it has fully embraced the current marketing climate and is expanding more than ever before! Wuzzon generates exclusive native leads for Schoonenberg in both the Netherlands and Belgium. In addition to the native campaign, we have also developed a mainstream landing page for email and display.

During this campaign, we made ourselves permanently available in an advisory and proactive role for all parties in order to achieve top results. Happy consumers, happy publishers and complete advertiser satisfaction is our goal.

By taking advantage of our publisher network and media buying team, Wuzzon was able to generate more than 50,000 CPL leads. In the course of optimizing results, we were able to utilize or reject specific sources. Such efforts meant that Wuzzon was able to significantly increase Schoonenberg turnover.

In addition to Schoonenberg, Wuzzon also generates and follows up leads for companies including Sanoma, HelloFresh, Eneco, Otto and TrosKompas.

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