Sanoma is the Netherland’s leading cross-media marketing firm. Wuzzon generates its leads, with an aim to persuade subscribers to employ 1 or more Sanoma labels for inbound calls.

These have been consciously developed as dynamic campaigns. No matter what time it is, or what sort of traffic it is, calls can be made and forms can be filled in. During this campaign we offered constant support for all parties in order to achieve the best possible results. Happy consumers, happy publishers and complete advertiser satisfaction is our goal.

Via our publisher network and our own media buying team, Wuzzon was able to generate more than 50,000 CPL and Pay-Per-Call leads. These made a healthy contribution to Sanoma’s turnover. When optimizing results, the process led us to either implement or discard specific sources.

In addition to Sanoma, Wuzzon also generates leads for companies such as Schoonenberg, HelloFresh, Eneco, Otto and TrosKompas.

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