Wuzzon assists you in getting the best out of your sites, apps and email databases, increasing your profit margins as a result. Our quality converting and exclusive campaigns mean you will achieve the highest possible turnover per visitor. We are most active in the Netherlands, Belgium and France, but are adding to our list of (international) campaigns every day.


Are you a publisher?

A publisher, also known as an affiliate, is an owner of a site, app, email, social media account or blog. A publisher promotes campaigns from advertisers. You will be rewarded for the generated results. Wuzzon as an intermediary ensures that advertisers and publishers can achieve great results.

How does it work?

Wuzzon enjoys direct contact with many national and international advertisers, allowing us to offer exclusive promotions and maximum pay-outs. Anyone with their own site, app, email database, social media account or blog can become a publisher at Wuzzon. Our platform is the link between advertisers and publishers. Our in-house designers are constantly creating new landing pages and promotion materials to optimize conversion ratios. You will promote these materials on your channels. Payment is based on clicks, leads, calls, installs and sales. Through our internal system we continuously measure all achieved results and we will give monthly feedback. Our team of publisher managers are always ready to help you achieve your goals with a professional an personal approach.

Become a publisher!

Becoming a publisher at Wuzzon is very simple. You can register for free. After approving your application by one of our Publisher Managers, you can immediately start promoting. When you log into our system you have access to our wide range of campaigns. From here you can easily make a choice which campaigns match your target group and content. With each campaign, various promotional materials are available, select the promotional materials and place them on your site, app, email, social media account or blog. Through our HasOffers software system you have insight into your earnings and you are paid monthly.