Lead Generation

Get in touch with your desired target group. Are you looking for more newsletter subscribers, brochure requests, Facebook likes or inbound calls? Wuzzon can help you to achieve your growth targets and offers you a solution that suits your needs. Eneco, Sanoma, Staatsloterij and many more have already chosen us to help them move forward.


Exclusive Campaignes

A campaign completely incorporated in the look & feel of your brand. A dedicated campaign will not only generate your brand thousands of opt-in leads, but also widespread exposure. Wuzzon’s creative conversion concept will blow your mind.

A very exclusive dedicated campaign is set up for generating qualitative leads. Wuzzon surprises everyone with a customized creative concept that actually converts. We have the right in-house techniques to develop this for everyone! We promote these campaigns through our global network of lead generation publishers. During the campaign, we will continue in our advisory and proactive roles to ensure all parties enjoy optimal results.The actual results achieved are based on no-cure-no pay. Happy consumers, happy publishers and nothing less than very satisfied advertisers, that is our goal. Our campaigns are creative, responsive, convincing and effective.

Native Campaigns

Native advertising is an extremely effective way to reach your target group. The advertisement is recorded inconspicuously in the context, so it does not look like an advertisement. The result is that the advertisment will be accepted by the target group because of the relevance. This is the strength of native advertising!

Wuzzon specializes in native advertising. Together with our partners we bring your target group closer and we ensure that the campaign is used optimally. Wondering if native advertising is something for you? For more information contact us to discuss the possibilities. Schoonenberg already preceded you with a successful native campaign!

Multi Client Campaigns

Our multi client campaigns bring groups together within a specific theme. Every year we operate highly successful Sinterklaas and Christmas campaigns, as well as campaigns incorporating vacation, home interior and gadget themes. A multi-client campaign allows us to generate co-registration and co-sponsor leads.

Co-registration involves the generation of high quality leads who are interested in your produce or services, and asking them if they require further information. Using an opt-in, you are able to engage with a more personalized target group. Co-registration is an ideal choice for companies with a specific target group. 

Co-sponsoring involves the sharing of data with multiple advertisers, and segmenting this data according to various demographic information. This form of lead generation is an effective way for companies with a broad target group.

How does it work?

Our national and international network enables targeted traffic via every possible channel, including email, mobile, native, affiliate, social, display and gamingFurthermore, Wuzzon is covered by the DDMA’s Guaranteed Privacy Label, meaning we adhere to the strictest of privacy protection legislation.

We convert your goals into continuously controlled and optimized online campaigns. You can indicate whether you supply the materials yourself or that we customize them for you. We have experienced in-house designers who can customize everything according to your wishes. Our Publisher Managers know exactly which publishers deliver qualitative traffic and will bring your campaign in contact with the right target group. The results are closely monitored and optimized.