Welcome Samer to Wuzzon!

Geplaatst door Anastazia Mrozek op 7-jun-2018 17:00:48

Wuzzon is proud to introduce a new colleague to the lively Wuzzon team: Samer Al Adib.


What is Samer’s role in the Wuzzon team?

Samer is responsible for Digital Media Buying and is part of the Cost Per Install (CPI) team. He buys direct media through our own sources as well as media buying partners, builds and maintains relations with publishers, advertisers, and media buying partners. With his analytical mindset, he creates, monitors, and optimises CPI campaigns in order to assure high quality traffic, with a higher engagement, and less costs.

A little something about Samer:

Samer is 30 years young, born in Syria, and lives in Amsterdam Noord. He loves to perform and chat about sports such as football, table tennis, and chess. Samer is good at optimising results, photoshopping, cuddling with his kittens, and drinking Argentinian Mate-tea. He is working on improving his posture when sitting behind his desk, biking through Amsterdam without seriously harming tourists, and staying in touch with a diverse, international group of people. Samer would like to fly with ducks in the future, and improve conversions with CPI traffic!

Samer aimed to work at Wuzzon for multiple reasons, amongst which learning more about the Dutch business work culture. He admires the level of honesty that is brought to the work floor and the trust that comes with it. This works well, since trust is one of Wuzzon’s 5 key points!

Samer’s welcome words:

“I have worked at Wuzzon for three months now and I feel at home in the Wuzzon team. The team is a strong, dedicated family that tackles problems as a unit. I have learned an vast amount of information in the last few months about affiliation as well as advertising on mobile. I enjoy the morning stand-up at Wuzzon, because it gives us the opportunity to understand and tackle the struggles of others and praise accomplishments. what the other is working on. Thus we can help each other and provide advice in order to work efficiently and positively. ”

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