Welcome Anastazia to Wuzzon!

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Wuzzon is proud to introduce a new colleague to the lively team: Anastazia Mrozek.


What is Anastazia’s role in the Wuzzon team?

Anastazia is responsible for Cost Per Lead (CPL) traffic. She number-crunches the data from the publishers and analyses processes to identify how we can improve conversions. She uses her Sociology degree to creep into the mind of the consumers and observe which campaigns could work best for certain target groups. She is detail oriented, enjoys structure (don’t try to rearrange the pens on her desk), a team player, and a task completer.

A little something about Anastazia:

Anastazia is 27, Dutch, lives in Amsterdam, and is growing a tiny jungle on her desk. She loves plants, biking through Amsterdam in nice weather, cooking, and windsurfing. She’s good at listening, creative thinking, and kitchen climbing (being 1.59 meters). She’s working on tackling confrontations, working quicker without decreasing the quality of her performance, and keeping the plants alive in the office.

Anastazia has experience in the affiliate business through her last job as account manager in the iGaming industry. She started off as content writer and grew with the company to the account manager position for both Dutch and English websites. She applied for this position at Wuzzon for many reasons, among which our positive approach, as well as feeling at home with Wuzzon’s key points (freedom, responsibility, happiness, improvement, and trust). She also feels comfortable working with and for affiliates through her past experience, as well as building and maintaining contacts.

Anastazia’s welcome words:

“I’m looking forward to getting to know everyone who promotes, or has promoted our campaigns in the past to analyse how we can continue to improve conversions. Through learning more about the campaigns that work well on your sites/email databases, we can personally match campaigns in order to optimize results. I am happy to answer any questions or receive any feedback that you might have to enhance our communication and relationship.”

Feel free to get in touch with Anastazia in any of the following ways:

Skype: Live:Anastazia_90
Email: anastazia@wuzzon.com
Telephone: +31 (0)20 820 2355
Pigeon Post: Nieuwezijds Voorburgwal 314, 1012 RV, Amsterdam

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